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Let's Work With Your Menopause Together

A woman goes through many different stages of life. Sometimes it can feel like a roller coaster ride of emotions. When transitioning into the stage of perimenopause the most important thing to help with the discomforts and changes is getting the hormones back into a state of balance. The hormones can become out of wack from overwork, excess stress, lack of sleep and poor diet just to name a few. Traditional Chinese Medicine along with dietary changes lifestyle and stress management techniques can all help make the transition into menopause smoother.

real talk:

Are you feeling taken over by menopause and you are not sure what to do about it?

It can be frustrating when it feels like your hormones are ruling your life, you have to plan your day around your hot flashes and you are exhausted because you have not slept well for months.

You don't have to do it alone.

Sound familiar?

you Want To avoid Synthetic Hormones

In this 3 month program, you will learn to eat right for your hormonal changes and techniques to support where you are at emotionally and physically. 

you would Like Help With Your Menopausal Symptoms

With diet therapy and lifestyle changes, I will teach you how to manage the different stages of menopause. It doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating when you are in menopause.

You are Fed up with feeling Confined By your hormones and want freedom to do what you're great at

I will help you navigate the different stages of your cycle so that you have the understanding and the tools to get what you want out of life without your hormones in the way

I can help because I have years of experience helping women who are struggling with menopause symptoms

I have spent many hours listening to women who are having similar symptoms to you and with my experience and their feedback I have developed customized programs specifically for them that are simple and effective. I love to help women feel there best  and if I am being honest I am really good at it. 

Menopause is not an event it is a process and I am going to walk you through the process to feeling yourself again while showing you ways you can take control of your hormones.

Knowledge is power




here's what's included in the program


Daily dietary recommendations and Chinese Herbal Medicine that is specific for you so that you can breeze through menopause symptom-free.


Helpful solutions for mood swings, night sweats, low libido and weight gain and not sleeping at night.


A personalized plan and a self-care program that you can easily fit into your everyday life.


Get to the root cause of your hormone imbalances and work out any habits that might be affecting your health in a way that you didn’t know. 


Over a period of 3 months, 6 one hour calls. with me.  Your plan will be structured around your

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Client Review...

Jose started feeling better right away

“I can't imagine my journey through menopause without Jeanette and her expert application of the principles of Chinese Medicine”

She has helped me work towards balance in my body, mind, and life. The results have been remarkable. Such an enormous relief from hot flashes, mood swings, and all the other things I didn't realize are attributable to menopause. I tell everyone I know who is suffering to get the help that I now know is possible.

What to Expect During Our Time Together 

Acupressure points specifically to help with your hormone imbalances 

Dietary Advice and Herbs (specifically for you and the changing of your cycle)

You will have a feeling of being heard and understood like you never have  before

Stress relieving techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday life

Qi Gong exercises to increase blood flow through out the Body and increase energy and help with sleep

Coaching you to be aware of your new boundaries and needs because believe me they change while going through menopause

Ashley says

“ Jeanette was super helpful in finding a holistic plan that was tailored to exactly what I was seeking.”

Jeanette is very professional and makes it a very comfortable environment.  I would highly recommend reaching out to her as she is wonderful at her profession.

Is This Right For You?

You want help and support to feel better and this is the opportunity to make the change you are looking for

You want to know the secrets to losing your hot flashes

You want to sleep better and have more energy

You're looking to find tips to help you transition through menopause 

You feel excited as you read this and you are ready to make a change

3-Month Package

6 1-hour calls over 3 months time

A personalized plan and a self-care program

Daily dietary recommendations

health solutions for menopause symptoms

one payment of $1200

One Session

1 1-hour menopause coaching call

Find out what stage of menopause you're in

Find out how to manage your top 3 Annoying menopause 

A high level dietary Plan for Menopause that can help you feel great again

One payment of $250

select the plan that works for you:

Get a jumpstart!

Most affordable!

3-Month Package

6 1-hour calls over 3 months time

A personalized plan and a self-care program

Daily dietary recommendations

health solutions for menopause symptoms

two payments of $720

Most flexible!

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