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The Menopause Journal

My intention with this blog is to educate and inspire women to live the life that they desire and feel healthy and blissful along the way.  I want women to understand that the transition into peri-menopause is a natural stage and with some diet and lifestyle changes the transition can be smoother and symptom-free. 

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Jeanette Davison
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The Hidden Wisdom In My Shoulder Pain

  “Imagine waking up one ordinary morning, only to find yourself trapped in your own body, your shoulder pain seized by an excruciating ache, and your once-easy movements reduced to a painful struggle.  This was my reality not too long ago, a sudden awakening to the harsh reality of a frozen shoulder. Little did I […]

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I’m Jeanette.
My mission is is to inspire and educate women to live a healthy life using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and whole foods to balance your hormones in every stage of your life, from puberty to menopause
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Jeanette Davison

    Reality Check:  Sleep is essential for your hormone health because your body does most of its healing while you are sleeping, and if you are not sleeping well, you are not giving your body a chance to heal. As a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has specialized in women’s health and hormones […]

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Jeanette Davison

Here are 5 facts you need to know about peri-menopause and that no body has probably ever told you.  I am in my early 40s and have noticed that my body, mind, and skin are changing. I have become more forgetful, and my skin has become more sensitive.  Dare I say I am in Perimenopause? I […]

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Feel Better In Your 40's Then You Did In Your 30's

How to feel younger in your 40s than you did in your 30s with a few simple shifts and changes in your lifestyle. Your mindset is a key component to feeling better!  It is a choice, and the choice is all yours.  Have you ever wondered why you started to feel more anxious and sleeping […]

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Healing From The Inside

Gabby Bernstein said, ” You can’t heal what you’re unwilling to see.” These words resonated with me when I read Gabby Bernstein’s book Happy Days. The title threw me off with the word happy in it. I find it really overused. I went into this book thinking it would be a light, fluffy read but […]

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Finding Balance During Menopause

“According to Chinese and ancient Ayurvedic medicine, at age 60, women end their householder life and begin to develop their souls. Our fertility stops being about having children and starts being about what we create for ourselves that benefits us and the people around us.” Christine Northrup We as women need to start looking at […]

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How to get rid of hot flashes

    Reducing your hot flashes may seem near to impossible, but eliminating these 10 foods could really help! Are you waking up in the middle of the night drenched? Are you needing to rip off the covers and feel exhausted in the morning from lack of sleep? You have come to the right place, […]

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In our fast-paced, time constricted, anxiety driven world we are not nourishing ourselves physically and mentally, which is reflected directly with how are body functions.

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all disorders and diseases are due to an imbalance of Yin and Yang that are caused by an inner imbalance.

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