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Hormornal Balance

Heal From The Inside Out

Healing From The Inside

September 20, 2022

I’m Jeanette.
My mission is is to inspire and educate women to live a healthy life using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and whole foods to balance your hormones in every stage of your life, from puberty to menopause
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Heal From The Inside

Gabby Bernstein said, ” You can’t heal what you’re unwilling to see.”

These words resonated with me when I read Gabby Bernstein’s book Happy Days. The title threw me off with the word happy in it. I find it really overused. I went into this book thinking it would be a light, fluffy read but heads up, it is NOT. This book is full of helpful tips and constructive exercises for you to be able to integrate into your daily life and to help you heal your traumas.

I have thought a lot about how it can be challenging to make the changes you want to see if you aren’t ready or willing to heal. The illness you created can not be healed if you don’t change your habits and emotional state.

Continuing along the same road and expecting different results is similar to paddling upstream and hoping to get somewhere. Which only will cause exhaustion and frustration.

In the place where you feel discomfort, you will grow and find the results that you are looking for. No two people are the same, we all have different needs and desires, but you need to make changes and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I can think about multiple times when I have had holy shit moments and wondered what am I doing? These are the moments that have changed my life for the better.

Loving yourself is the number one way to change how you physically or mentally feel. After all, there is no one you spend more time with than yourself. Stop being so hard on yourself; it is a great place to start.

I have a question for you, would you talk to a friend the way you speak to yourself? I will go out on the limb here and guess you probably would not. Being mindful of your self-talk is essential if you want to heal your body. Negative thinking and destructive talk is literally toxic to the body. It brings on stress and inflammation. Causing an imbalance in your hormones.

If you become best friends with yourself, then you will never feel alone.

Here are a few tips I like to give my patients when they are in the process of healing.

  • When you have a thought that doesn’t feel good, replace it with an idea that does. As Ariana Huffington says, ” quiet the annoying roommate in your head” Stopping the thoughts is near impossible but engaging with the thought is a choice. It does take practice, like anything else and awareness. It is also helpful to visualize a place that makes you feel good inside and imagine that place whenever you have a negative thought. Switch your emotional state.
  •  Journal, write, release and repeat. I am a big fan of journaling. It is a great way to see your thoughts on paper and to release emotions. If you are writing and are afraid that someone will see what you have written, burn it. Seeing your actual words on paper and then taking action to burn them is a great way to release the energy behind them.

Heal From The Inside


  •  Take a few moments in the day to ground yourself, breathe deep into the belly and tell yourself all is well. I am precisely where I am meant to be. These simple words calm your central nervous system and let your body know that everything is okay.

Healing starts with you realizing that you need to make some changes.

You can’t expect to heal if you keep doing the same things that created the illness. I know I am repeating myself, but I thought if I said it a few times, you would hear it as you skim over my post. This is really important to hear and understand!

In Chinese Medicine, when the body becomes stagnant, the blood does not flow well, or the qi (energy) we often have pain, discomfort, bloating or anxiety.

Chinese Medicine is beneficial to get you back on track when things start to fall off the rails. From puberty to menopause, every stage of your life needs support and attention for you to live and feel the best you can. In Chinese Medicine, the female reproductive system is a network of energy systems connected to hormones and organs. Many things in our lives can throw the body out of balance, from poor diet, stress, air pollutants, excess emotions, lack of movement and lack of sleep. Any slight change in our life can throw the body off without us realizing it.

Sometimes we need help to gently re-direct our body to its natural state of health and balance. If you need a little help, reach out, we as humans are meant to feel good when we are of service to others; we feel really good.


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Here is Gabby Bernstein’s Book Happy Days

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