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5 Tips To Help You Figure Out What You Want?

What Do You Want Jeanette Davison

May 29, 2023

I’m Jeanette.
My mission is is to inspire and educate women to live a healthy life using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and whole foods to balance your hormones in every stage of your life, from puberty to menopause
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What Do You Want Jeanette Davison


This is helpful…. but embarrassing to admit, but I wanted to share it with you because it will help if you are overwhelmed and don’t know what you want.

I was walking along the beach in Mexico yesterday and reflecting on this new adventure we are going on. I immediately started doubting the choices that I had made.  

You know or can relate, all the unproductive self-criticism thoughts rolled in. I let my brain take over and control me, which is not a good thing.

What if this doesn’t work out? What am I doing with my life? Is this the right thing to be doing? Could I fail and not have anything to go back to? Could I screw all of this up?

My heart started racing, and I could feel a bit of panic rising in my body and a big rush of heat. I knew where I was heading, and it was not a place I wanted to be.

Then I heard the words from Laird Hamilton, the legend of big wave surfing.

“I don’t want to not live because of a fear of what could happen.”

I reminded myself this is precisely what I want to be doing right now, and of course, I will succeed because I want to. Ah, that feels a lot better. 

Let me back up the truck a bit.

My life completely changed overnight about two months ago. My home is a black Jeep now, and my very close company is my four-legged best friend and my pretty cool boyfriend.

 Can you say boyfriend in your 40’s? I still do but with some hesitation. Partner is confusing, and he isn’t my husband, so boyfriend it is.

We packed up our jeep in Canada and headed South, still determining our final destination and, for that matter, where we would stay that night. 

We had decided we wanted a new way of life. Our top values are:

  • Simplicity.
  •  Living outdoors with nature. 
  • A community of like-minded people.
  • Locally grown fresh food

Wait a minute; I have a couple more, living on the ocean and swimming every day and never feeling cold again. 

I decided long ago that living your best life is becoming clear with what you want in life.

Many people don’t know what they want. Becoming clear on that gives you direction, peace and contentment. 

  1. Checking in with yourself and asking yourself what you want is essential. It will change over the years, so make sure that you ask yourself often.
  2. Taking action will increase your momentum and give you results quickly. It will help you figure out what you want and don’t want. 
  3. Sometimes, people need to learn what they want and need help figuring out what that is. So my recommendation is to start writing down what you don’t want. Usually, you have a few ideas that can help you get to the root of what you want.
  4. Try new things, experiment, and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Jump outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes it is the only way to figure out what you want.
  5.  Travelling can be exhausting and uncertain at times, well, a lot of the time, but it is also exhilarating, adventurous and magical.It can help you find clarity about what you want and who you want to be and keeps you in the present moment. At least travelling does that for me.

It is much easier to tap into the present moment when you are constantly aware. Being present is where ease, peace and curiosity are at the forefront. 

How I get clarity on what I want is by sitting and listening to my inner voice or, as I like to describe it, the wind that whispers.

It takes practice to stay present, even if you only can for a moment every day; trust me, it gets easier. I recommend starting early in the morning before the brain returns to its constant chatter. The more that you practice, the better you will become.

Being present while travelling helps to create and remember the experiences. This is important because travelling tends to be very transient and ever-changing.

What Do You Want Jeanette Davison

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, everything is believed to be composed of two complementary energies, yin and yang. They are never separate, and one can’t exist without the other.

Yin is stillness, silence and calm, while yang is movement, heat and motion. For some people, when they move, they feel the most present and at peace, while others may prefer to sit and be still. 

Finding what works for you and feels the best can take some practice, but the magic happens once you find your direction. 

When you feel a slight shift in your energy towards excitement, joy and exhilaration, keep going, you can’t go too far. Keep surfing the wave of endless opportunities.  

Let me know where you end up. I am always curious and open to listening to the profound shifts and changes that people go through when they get clear on their vision and what they want. You can contact me here

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